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Saskia Van Voorn  |  Midsummer, Menzies Bay



Now in its 18th year, the Peninsula Art Auction has grown significantly. The Auction is run by Lyttelton Education Charitable Trust with the purpose of raising funds for Primary School and Preschool children in Lyttelton. It is the collaboration of local artists, businesses, the School and Preschool that make the Auction truly a whole-community effort.

With over 100 artists in this year’s Auction with links to the port town or the wider Banks Peninsula, it is an opportunity for up-coming artists to exhibit right next to the famous. Highlights this year include works from Bill Hammond, Jason Greig, Asher Raawiri Newbery, Nichola Shanley, Hannah Beehre, Ben Reid, Mark Whyte, Scott Jackson, and the late Llew Summers son Dan Summers.

“Lyttelton and the wider Peninsula has such a depth of talented creatives and it is a joy to see them brought together for such a great cause. I love the symmetry of the event...some of the kids who have benefited from the funds raised in the past are now exhibiting right next to Bill Hammond...including his granddaughter, Akilah - such a wonderful opportunity!”

The exhibition takes place at Lyttelton Primary School, 34 Oxford Street in Lyttelton. This is a great contemporary, open space which is amazingly transformed into an art gallery for the weekend.

If you are an artist and would like to know more about how to submit your work, please follow the link below. To submit your work online, you'll need some quality images of your artwork as well as the dimensions of your piece. 

“I love art because you

get to express yourself

and there is no right

or wrong answer!”

Izzy Kingi - 11yrs old

Izzy Kingi.jpg

Thank you


With many thanks to all the artists who have contributed over the last 17 years to make the Peninsula Art Auction such a great success.

The 2019 auction raised $40,000 for Lyttelton Primary School.

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Lyttelton Education Charitable Trust 


The Auction is owned by Lyttelton Education Charitable Trust (formerly the Lyttelton Combined Schools Education Trust).


The aim of the Trust is: to raise funds to advance the education of the children of Lyttelton.

All funds raised from the Auction are held by the Trust and used for agreed projects by the school. The Trust is run entirely by volunteers.

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